Oddone Cesanese del Lazio

A little bit of history…

The Olevano Romano DOC made from Cesanese grapes is Lazio’s quintessential indigenous red wine: this product is the result of a special bond between the locals and this land, the real protagonists of a wine-making tradition that dates back to the Roman Age. There are many written proofs of the century-old existence of Olevano wine: for example, its name appears in a bill of sale signed by Oddone Colonna, new lord of Olevano (the town this wine is named after), and Pope Gregory IX (1227-1241). Over the centuries, viticulture has never stopped being the main activity in the area.

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Protected Geographical Indication

Alcohol Content

12% vol.

Service Temperature

8° – 10°C


This red wine is made from spur-trained vines planted in hilly areas in tuff and clay soil. Harvest happens when the grapes are perfectly ripe, usually mid-October,  in order to guarantee the right organoleptic balance of each grape. The wine is fermented in steel tanks to be then bottled and left to age.

It is made exclusively from Cesanese grapes

Organoleptic Analysis

This wine is ruby red with a purple hue. It has a direct and well-defined scent that presents notes of macerated black and red fruit, rose flowers and a spicy and moderately balsamic vegetable aroma: a bouquet that features all the typical scents of the Olevano hills. It feels fruity to the palate, managing to conceal the rustic nature of this wine also thanks to its silky tannins. It has the right level of acidity and elegant and winey aftertaste. ODDONE must be drunk at the right temperature to really appreciate all its qualities. It is very straight-forward and palate-pleasing.

Food Pairing

Cesanese wine pairs well with every course, it is a perfect match for traditional dishes based on lamb or red meat (roasted or stewed), medium-aged cheese (also Pecorino) and wild game.