Diciannove 67

Dedicated to the people born in ’67

 “Life is the only real magic”

A wine that represents the qualities of those who were born in 1967: intelligent, elegant, austere and relentless, proud of the signs of ageing… Because ageing matters only where wine is concerned.

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Typical Geographical Indication

Alcohol Content

14,5% vol.

Service Temperature

18° – 20°C


Year 2016

Diciannove 67 is made from vineyards planted in hilly areas in limestone-rich clay soil. The grapes are hand-picked in September and October, when they are perfectly ripe. After fermentation in steel tanks for some months, the product is left to age in bottles so it develops its unique organoleptic properties. The blend of different grape varieties makes this wine mouth-embracing, captivating, incredibly refined and full-bodied.

Made from grapes 60% Primitivo, 20% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cesanese.

Organoleptic Analysis

Made from a wise blend of four grape varieties, this wine is deep ruby red. It has a rich bouquet with notes of black and red fruit, a spicy aroma and scents of wild berries and tobacco. It feels warm, intense, mellow and rich in glycerine to the palate. Diciannove 67 is an elegant, austere and full-bodied red wine, with delicate tannin. It has a lingering and captivating finish. Drinking this blend is an exciting experience. It is an enological mystery that presents a perfect balance of elegance and strength, absolutely flawless. The more it ages the silkier and better-balanced it tastes.

Food Pairing

It pairs well with savoury and flavourful food like wild game, grilled meat and aged cheese. In addition, DICIANNOVE 67 is a perfect match for oriental dishes. It makes also for an ideal partner of dried patisserie, possibly featuring almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachio nuts. If you’re feeling particularly bold you can try to pair it with blue cheese, which should produce a perfect balance of sapidity, acidity and sweetness. However, its absolute best match is dark chocolate, especially if it is high in cocoa: the many aromas of cocoa and the complex balance of acid, bitter and sweet notes, together with its lingering aftertaste, pair well with this strong and unique blend; in fact, it is excellent when sipped while eating the “bombonese”, a dark chocolate praline filled with a tiny amount of Cesanese.

For a better tasting experience, you should let the wine “breathe” for half an hour before serving in a large wineglass.