Alma Mater

A little bit of history…

Tradition, innovation and geographical origin are the three main strengths of Cesanese, which has built its success on this grape variety. Yet consumers not only want good and traditional local wines, they also want them to be eco-friendly. Wine means pleasure, culture, economy, and it is strictly connected to the evolution of mankind and to our history. This is why Consoli, a versatile and dynamic company, has started a sort of green revolution, improving its winemaking techniques and developing environment-friendly packaging. As of today, ALMA MATER is a state-of-the-art expression of the Cesanese from Olevano Romano, it is indeed the diamond of our company; the vineyards grow in a landscape full of grapevines and olive trees overlooking the Roman valleys. It’s a wine with character, both complex and elegant, very easy and pleasant to drink.

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Protected Designation of Origin

Alcohol Content

14% vol.

Service Temperature

16° – 18°C


It was easy to foresee Cesanese getting to such high standards. This wine comes from cordon-trained vines set in the Olevano hills (made of tuff and clay). Harvest usually takes place at the beginning of October to get the right level of acidity and to safeguard the grapes’ organoleptic properties. It is first fermented in stainless steel tanks, then it is left to age in oak barrels for a year before being finally bottled.

Made exclusively from Cesanese grapes.

Organoleptic Analysis

Alma Mater, company cru, aged in oak barrels, has a deep dark ruby colour, a strong scent of berries with a hint of herbs and spices which gives it a balm-like feel; it has a pleasant and round flavour and a well-structured and harmonious body.

Food Pairing

It is red wine for special occasions, its ideal pairing is with traditional dishes, roast or boiled meat, aged cheese and well-seasoned wild game. It can be paired with the “bombonese”, a dark chocolate praline filled with a small amount of Alma Mater. You should let the wine “breathe” for 30 minutes before serving it in a large wineglass.


5 STAR WINES AWARD – Vinitaly 2016

Roberto Consoli says:

An elegant, sublime and mouth-embracing wine… perfect result of a well-matched combination of land and vineyard. You watch it… you taste it… you sip it… and you talk about it.