The story of a family and their wine

Consoli is a brand that tells the story of a family with a special passion for wine and an incredible respect of the past; over the years this family has managed to create a dynamic and versatile company that is today a well-known and successful presence in the wine-making industry.

The family’s viticultural tradition, paired with a strong connection to the land of Olevano Romano, has been passed down from generation to generation.

It all began in 1920, when Sante Consoli founded his own wine-making company and named it Consoli. His small winery revolved around a special passion for the land and for everything that is good and healthy and also around a strong sense of duty and sacrifice – which provides for the high quality of the products and a very effective service.

After his death, in 1973, his sons Roberto and Renato upgraded the bottling process and put their brand on a new growth path. In 2008, Alessia and Daniela Consoli, Roberto’s daughters, joined the company, so a new modernisation process got underway.

The year 2018 will be remembered as a real turning point. Innovation, strategic marketing and exploration of new markets: these are the key elements of the renovated Consoli company, which still guarantees the top quality of the products and a superb customer service.

Today Consoli is able to satisfy the many requests of its clients offering a wide range of carefully selected products and services to third parties, such as: bottling, choice and personalization of products, transportation and shipping.

Consoli, making wines since 1920… the excellence of the “Made in Italy”!


Sante Consoli starts a small winery.


Gioacchino Consoli purchases the current farming area and begins producing and trading Cesanese wine.


An important year that sees the identification of the key elements of the company.


Roberto e Renato Consoli upgrade the bottling process and spur the growth of the company.


Alessia and Daniela Consoli join the company and begin a process of modernisation.


The turning point. Innovation and strategic marketing to expand into new markets.