Helianthus Falanghina

A little bit of history…

Falanghina is an indigenous wine grape variety with a noble and glorious tradition: robust and productive, it has Greek-Balkan origins and was introduced in Campania by a Sea People known as “Aminei”. This century-old white grape variety is today one of the best IGP wines of the Sannio area. Its name is said to derive from the word “falanga”, a pole used as a support for vines in the traditional Pozzuoli-style training system.

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Protected Geographical Indication

Alcohol Content

12,5% vol.

Service Temperature

8° – 10°C


This Falanghina grows in a hilly area in limestone-rich clay soil; the whole fermentation process happens in stainless steel tanks so the wine has a stronger scent and a higher level of glycerol. This makes this wine taste good no matter where it is produced.

It is made exclusively from Falanghina grapes.

Organoleptic Analysis

This white wine has a strong character. Its colour is straw gold. Its scent is intense and lingering, with fruity (especially apples and exotic fruit) and floral (broom, hawthorn berries) notes. Its taste is pleasing to the palate and smooth, fruit-forward and savoury with a lingering aftertaste.

Food Pairing

It’s perfect match are fish dishes, especially those with a sweet flavour or shellfish-based.