Ego Syrah

A little bit of history…

There is some debate over the origin of Syrah: many think it is a grape variety imported from France, others believe it has Middle-Eastern origins (from the Persian city of Schiraz). It is an international grapevine, very popular in France, in the Rhone Valley, and in California, South Africa and Australia. In Italy it is mainly cultivated in Sicily, Tuscany, Puglia and Lazio. The first proof of the presence of Syrah in Italy dates back to 1828 when it was featured in the collection of Acerbi from Mantova (one of the most important Italian ampelographers) under the name of Grosse Serine or Hermitage. The production of Syrah in Lazio started in the 90s and today is one of Azienda Consoli’s top products.

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Protected Geographical Indication

Alcohol Content

13,5% vol.

Service Temperature

16° – 18°C


These vines are planted on the Lazio hills in volcanic clay soil, spur-trained,  exposed to the sea breeze in a climate that sees an alternation of warm days and cool nights. Harvest takes place in mid-October. Fermentation in the cellar lasts 20 days with a daily session of pumping over and pushing down.

At the end of the fermentation process, the wine is put to rest for a few months in stainless steel tanks. Then it keeps ageing after being bottled.

It is made exclusively from Syrah grapes.

Organoleptic Analysis

The colour of this Syrah is vivid ruby red, its scent is moderately spicy and has interesting notes of red fruit and currant, its taste is fresh and robust with a sapid and peppered aftertaste; a series of characteristics that paired with its alcohol and tannin content make this wine a very enjoyable drink.

Food Pairing

A wine that pairs with cold cuts, pasta with meat sauce, red meat, wild game such as deer, wild boar and medium-aged cheese.