Prosecco di Treviso

A little bit of history…

Viticulture is a century-old tradition in the area where Prosecco is produced and where it represents the culture of an entire area. Its origins date back to a very distant past, yet Prosecco has played a key role in the shaping of the identity, the taste and the life of those lands.


Controlled Designation of Origin

Alcohol Content

12% vol.

Service Temperature

8° – 10°C


This Prosecco is implanted in loamy clay soil of alluvial origin; this earth full of minerals and micro-elements gives the grapes the perfect characteristics of sparkling wines. It is mainly cultivated in the Treviso area, where climate is ideal for the ripening of grapes. These Glera grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected.

Main fermentation happens in steel tanks, the wine is then made sparkling in tanks, a method that enhances the vineyard’s aromatic qualities. The vines, wine-making techniques and terroir are the key elements that make this interesting and unmistakable wine so successful. Thanks to its strong character, Prosecco has managed to meet the taste of today’s consumers.

It is made exclusively from Glera grapes.

Organoleptic Analysis

This extra-dry version combines varietal aromas and sapidity. Its colour is straw-gold with a lively perlage. Its scent is fresh with a rich bouquet characterized by fruity notes of apple, pear and citrus fruit that leave a floral after-smell. It feels soft and dry to the palate, with high acidity. It has an elegant finish.

Food Pairing

A perfect pre-dinner drink that pairs well with legume soups, seafood, pasta dishes with a meat-based sauce, fresh cheese and white meat.